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Terms of use

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Terms of Services

Explicitly excluding the Guaranteed SEO Services, SEO Service Delhi does not offer any guaranteed or assured results, particularly with regards to SEO services. We do not guarantee an increase in the number of customers or prospects. Although the idea is to work for achieving the same, and our ethical and scalable SEO Services would produce the desired results, however, we provide no guarantee of the same.

Any sort of hidden employment of any third-party SEO services while SEO Service Delhi is working on the project would claim the terms of service null and void. In such an event, we are not obliged to provide any refunds or guarantees.

We, at SEO Service Delhi are certainly not liable for any content to be found on the client’s website, or the loss of rankings emerging out of the unfair techniques employed by a third party and / or without our knowledge or approval.

Conditions of Use

The site and its content is sole proprietary ownership of SEO Service Delhi and the visitors to the site agree to a limited access policy. We reserve the right to suspend any sort of user activity on the website, without any notice in advance. The intellectual content of the website can under no circumstances be transferred or used by any third party. The visitors are allowed to utilize the site for strictly personal and non commercial use. As a visitor to the website, you are solemnly forbidden from republishing, copying, distributing, revising, reproducing, selling or utilizing in any way the contents of the website without our approval.